New Jersey Settlement Services

New Jersey Settlement Services

At Cortes & Hay Title Agency, Inc., we take pride in the detail-oriented settlement assistance services we provide our clients. Whether you are an individual who is purchasing, selling, or refinancing or an attorney who is looking to streamline their business, we can customize a system that will work best for you.

Attorney Assisted Services

Over the years, we have developed various attorney assistance programs for you. As the attorney, you can maintain complete control over your transaction. You can do as much or as little of the support work you want.

We have developed these services in response to our client’s growing needs. In some cases, your long-time staff have either moved on or retired, and you are the sole attorney needing the support staff without the expensive overhead. 

Larger law firms may be looking to increase their available time for other more profitable aspects of their practice, thus outsourcing the functions of the settlement process to us. 

Below, we have broken down the necessary steps in working a file from start to finish.

Attorney's Checklist

Every attorney responsible for reviewing pertinent documents, providing feedback, and attending the closing. Details that should always be part of your checklist include: 

  • Reviewing the contract
  • Review all inspection reports
  • Attend the closing

Cortes & Hay Title Agency, Inc. New Jersey Settlement Agent Services

At Cortes & Hay, we maintain our own settlement agent services checklist. With years of experience, we recognize the fact that there are several moving parts, and we specialize in getting everything where it needs to go, on time, and, most importantly, accurate. Here are some of the steps of our process.

  • Arrange for title searches and insurance
    We begin with a search of the property history. We look for liens, judgments, divorce agreements, other mortgages, overdue taxes, and other debts.
  • Arrange for a survey
    We need to make sure there aren’t any boundary issues, easements, and other restrictions or historical designations we need to be concerned with.
  • Obtain payoff figures from the seller’s mortgage holder
  • Order flood certification
  • Property flood zone designations must be correct
  • File the Notice of Settlement
  • Coordinate the settlement date with all parties
  • Prepare a computerized HUD-1 Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosures showing the detail of the settlement.
  • Conduct the settlement at our office or a location convenient for all parties.
  • Prepare the Buyer’s Affidavit of Title
  • Present all mortgage documents to Buyer at settlement
  • Disburse all funds at settlement in accordance with the HUD-1 Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosures and lender’s instruction
  • Notarize all Settlement Documents
  • Provide copies of all documents to the Buyer
  • Record legal documents with the County
  • Send post-closing documents to the lender
  • Send recorded Deed and title Policy to you after the settlement

As you can see, there are several critical steps in the settlement process. Getting each step correct is paramount to the whole process. A miss in any one step can affect the entire process. In other words, at Cortes and Hay, our 50 years of experience help us deliver the settlement services you need when you need them. Call us today to learn more about what we do and how we do it. We will be glad to help.

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