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About Us

Cortes & Hay, Title Insurance Agency

Title Agency, Inc. offers over 45 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial Title Insurance. We can handle every type of transaction: from multiple tract assemblage in Cape May, to improvements on leased land in urban counties, to residential subdivisions, we offer complete confidence and expertise in all areas. We also specialize in 1031 Exchanges and Settlement Services, whether for property Sale, Purchase or Refinancing, and with Attorney Assisted Closings. Our office has three (3) convenient locations in NJ & PA and we can provide title insurance and settlement services in both states.

Our Title Insurance Team


Processes new orders; prepares and delivers the title commitment to all parties involved in the transaction, as well as handles title amendments/changes and answers general title questions.

Name : Pat Cokines

Email: pat@corteshay.com

Name : Denise McEwen

Email: denise@corteshay.com

Name : Darlene Kearns

Email: darlene@corteshay.com

Name : Jamie Claringbold

Email: jamie@corteshay.com


CD; ALTA and HUD preparation; scheduling; closing package preparation for both residential and commercial files.

Name : Dawn Em

Email: dawn@corteshay.com

Name : Kim Taylor

Email: kim@corteshay.com

Name : John Mollard

Email: john@corteshay.com

Name : Michele Caporin

Email: michele@corteshay.com


Disburses the file after closing; recording and e-recording all documents; issuance of the Final Title Policy.

Name : Amber Malko

Email: amber@corteshay.com

Name : Kira Loveatz

Email: kira@corteshay.com

Name : Deirdre Whalen

Email: deirdre@corteshay.com


Name : Ellen Incontrera

Email: ellen@corteshay.com

Name : Richard Reynolds

Email: richard@corteshay.com


Name : Justin Hay, President

Email: justin@corteshay.com

Name : David Hay, Owner

Email: david@corteshay.com